Do You Want Your Windows to Stay Clean For Longer?

Woodstock Window Cleaning ServicesEven when the interior of your Woodstock house is spotless, if your windows are dirty, your home will not look as it should be. Smear-free and sparkling windows make a perfect finishing touch to a well maintained home, but it is also a time consuming task. The solution to all that – hire Sean’s window cleaners.

They will use water-fed extension poles to get to any window in your home, without their feet ever leaving the ground. This makes for a quick and cost-effective cleaning, which is also safer for the cleaners and for your windows. With no ladders to move around or buckets to balance, this is a time-efficient system which protects your privacy too. No more cleaners peering through your upstair windows.

The use of distilled water for the cleaning process removes dirt and dust with less detergents that would otherwise be necessary. It also leaves a smooth finish, which actually repels dust after cleaning, so your windows will stay cleaner for longer.

The Four Steps Window Cleaning Process

  • First step: Using soft mops and eco-friendly soap to wet the entire pane of the glass
  • Second step: Meticulously cleaning the surface of the glass, carefully removing everything from bird droppings and dirt to caused by sunlight subtle stains
  • Third step: Wet and soap up the glass again
  • Fourth step: Finishing the process with a squeegee wipe of the entire surface, ensuring there will be no water or streaks.

What Makes Sean’s Windows Cleaning Services Better?

  • Water fed poles allow the reach of any higher windows, quickly and safely
  • Distilled water gives a long lasting clean, preventing dust from building up after the cleaning
  • Your privacy is protected as the cleaners don’t need to climb up to your windows to wash them
  • Reachable window sills and frames will be cleaned too
  • Ensuring that everything is completed by following approved checklists

If you own a commercial property and you are willing to take advantage of competent window cleaning teams, you can schedule them along your regular office cleaning and improve your work space.